Turkish Traditional Copper Coffee Maker

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Handle Length: 225 ml / 13 cm, 270 ml / 13.5 cm, 320 ml / 15.5 cm
Volume: 225 ml / 270 ml / 320 ml
Gross Weight: 143g

The ceramic coffee turk is good for brewing coffee, but the ceramic turk is fragile and can eventually form hair cracks and chips. Silver Turk for coffee is an ideal choice, because silver is close to the Turks in terms of properties, but the price of such Turks will be very high.

The most popular turk for coffee is made of copper, because copper has uniform thermal conductivity and coffee does not stick to the walls of the Turks. High-quality Turk has a wide bottom and a narrow neck, the inner coating should be made of food tin. When choosing Turkish coffee, pay attention to the handle of the Turks. The coffee Turk should not be a plastic handle, otherwise this handle will melt and deform over time, it is better to take a Turk with a wooden handle.

There are many coffee machines, but true coffee lovers know that coffee turks are the perfect choice. Coffee Turks are used by our ancestors and still have not come up with anything better than coffee. The fact is that electric coffee makers or other vessels that have high coffee preparation, prepare thermal conductivity, and this adversely affects the quality of coffee. This coffee should not be brewed like tea, it should languish over low heat to absorb all the aroma of coffee.