Pancake baking Machine

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This crepe maker lets you dip the cooking surface into the batter – a batter tray is included – so you can let the excess drip off to create the thinnest crepes possible. Set the crepe maker down to finish the cooking. The cooking surface is 7 1/2 inches in diameter and has a nonstick surface so the crepes release easily and cleanup is just as simple, but you shouldn’t immerse it in water. To remove the crepes, just flip the cooker over, or use the included spatula.

- 600W power, intelligent temperature control
- Automatic power off to prevent dry burning
- Coating on the surface to prevent sticking to food
- Easy to use
- Long handle, no heating hands
- Even heating
- PP material Batter tray
- 20 seconds to make a pancake

While this is designed for making crepes, you can also use it to fry an egg with the cooking surface upright. The cooker is cordless and gets its power from the base unit. Controls are simple – just and on-off switch and an indicator light. The power cord tucks away neatly for storage.

An adapter will be included based on your Country.

Voltage: AC 220V
Power: 600W
Size: 42x20cm/7.9"x16.5"