1pcs Petal Piping Tip

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These cake decorating tips are petal tips made of fine stainless steel, because of this, 

they are durable and of high quality. Use these petal tips you can create a beautiful 

assortment of flowers for your next birthday or wedding cake. These tips can help you 

to make roses, rosebuds, daisies, pansies and apple blossoms with ease!

Material: stainless steel 18/8(304).

Seamless welding.

Have passed SGS and FDA testing.

Works with the standard /large coupler and bags.

Easy to keep clean and use.

Highly corrosion resistant.


Height 2.6cm,dia Up 0.8cm,dia Down 1.8cm 
Height 2.7cm,dia Up 1.2cm,dia Down 1.8cm
Height 3.0cm,dia Up 1.09cm,dia Down 1.8cm
Height 2.7cm,dia Up 0.75cm,dia Down 1.8cm
Height 4.2cm,dia Up 1.83cm,dia Down 2.55cm 
Height 3.5cm,dia Up 1.75cm,dia Down 2.5cm 
Height 4.2cm,dia Up 1.5cm,dia Down 2.5cm
Height 4.15cm,dia Up 1.8cm,dia Down 2.5cm 
Height 3.54cm,dia Up 1.92cm,dia Down 2.5cm
Height 5.0cm,dia Up 2.5cm,dia Down 3.5cm 
Height 4.04cm,dia Up 2cm,dia Down 2.5cm 
Height 6.7cm,dia Up 3.6cm,dia Down 5.3cm