Cake decoration tools 83Pcs/Set

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LOOKING FOR A STURDY ROTATING TURNTABLE? Stabilized, non-slip surface and heavy base of Aluminium alloy turntable keeps cake and revolving stand locked in place. Designed with stainless steel bearings allows for easy and smooth rotations.

Pastry Nozzles (16)ULTIMATE CAKE DECORATING KIT: 83 Pieces cake decorating supplies set is crafted to make baking decorating easy and fun for beginner and professional bakers alike. This set collects all accessories and equipment for cutting, frosting, icing, smoothing, polishing, scrapping and decorating.


Pastry Nozzles (17)NEED DIFFERENT ICING PATTERN: numbered commercial piping tips are included in the set. The tips are numbered to help starters and beginners with finding the tips easily. The tips’ patterns include large round, small round, leaves, petals, ruffles, closed stars, open stars, grass, basketwave and flowers.

Pastry Nozzles (6)

HAPPY TIME: This dessert decorating kit is created to be used to do elaborate design for wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, events and special occasions.You can decorate all kind of baking and desserts including cupcake, biscuits, cookies, chocolates, pies, jellies and etc.