Cooking Cup for Cake

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1. The latest batter dispensers;
2. When you make cakes, pancakes, cookie and other batter foods, it is the most effective helper, allowing you to easily control the weight;

3 .Easy to operate, as long as you gently grip the handle can be smoothly distributed batter;
4. Durable structure, easy to clean;
5. Can use dishwasher cleaning


Size: 18.5 X 11cm/7.28 X 4.33 in
Material: Plastic

nstructions for use:
Excellent batter dispensers, even if you do not have experienced rookie, will make you become a cake maker, baking lover.
It takes only 3 steps to complete the production of cake in the morning for white-collar workers. Clean, nutritious, creative cake. You can also show off to your colleagues, boyfriends. 
1) Put in a good batter.
2) Inject the same volume of batter into each cake mold.
3) Place the cake film in the oven or in a microwave oven.